In collaboration with the Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation, ALBA Synchrotron organizes every year a seminar addressed to high school teachers with the aim of increasing their knowledge of synchrotron light and its properties.

This seminar explores the physical principles of synchrotron light as well as its diverse applications in a variety scientific areas. The seminar is conducted by ALBA scientists and technicians.

This activity combines theoretical and practical content, materials and examples to be used with students in the classroom and a visit to ALBA's facilities.

Last seminar was in November 2017. The next one is planned for 2018.

Image of one of the sessions during the teachers' seminar.  Image of one the activities with teachers during the seminar.



In order to prepare a visit to ALBA's facilities or to better understand how a synchrotron light source works, ALBA has developed a dossier addressed to high school students.

This document includes the key points and main ideas about ALBA and also some exercises that can be done in the classroom.

Download the students dossier (Spanish)