The call for proposals is composed by these regulatory rules updated on January 29th, 2018 and the specific call for proposals of each cycle (see bellow table):


CALL 2019-I

The Call for proposals for 2019-I cycle is now opened.

Opening date: 2nd July 2018

Deadline for proposal submission: 10th September 2018, 23:59 h (Barcelona time)

This cycle covers experiments from January 2019 to end June 2019, except for BL13-XALOC Beamline which will cover all the year for BAG proposals.

Please note that you will be able submit as many proposals as you want but you will only be able to edit one proposal draft at a time. Make sure you have submitted or deleted your draft proposal before creating a new one.

If your lab is not listed in our database, you can create a new laboratory that must be approved by ALBA User Office before you finalize your submission. Therefore, we invite you to register all users taking part in the proposal and their laboratories as soon as possible.

    • Funding rules for users from Spanish home institutions have not changed.
    • For users from non Spanish European Home Institutions, CalipsoPlus Funding will not be available during this call.
    • Dewars in remote experiments will be funded for all European users.



CALL 2018-II

The Call for Proposals for 2018-II is now closed. The Call Results are available here

This call cycle covers experiments from July 2018 to December 2018 in all beamlines, except BL13-XALOC which has already been covered in Call 2018-I for the whole year. 

  • Funding rules for users from Spanish home institutions have not changed. 
  • For users from non Spanish European Home Institutions, we will fund one proposal per beamline through CalipsoPlus Funding (one experimental visit with two funded users from European non-Spanish institutions). The proposal will be selected based in scientific excellence according to our Scientific Panel giving priority to proposals from European countries with no synchrotron facility when applicable. 
  • Dewars in remote experiments will be funded for all European users.




XALOC beamline is continuously open to users for macromolecular crystallography studies based on rapid access concept. However, BAG’s proposals have always priority over this rapid access and ALBA cannot warrant beamtime access, if there is no beamtime slots.

Contact the XALOC beamline responsible to know if there is beamtime slots at the beamline.

If there are slots, you are encouraged to submit rapid access standard proposal. After evaluation (about 3 weeks), a maximum of 6 shifts could be granted.

For accepted proposals under the rapid continuous access scheme, the number of funded users is reduced by one with respect to academic BAG proposals. For remote access experiments, ALBA funds the experiments in the same conditions.

European (not Spanish) proposals are only funded in remote access. Non-European proposals are also welcome but they cannot be funded.



Submission Period

Experiment Period

Call for Proposal



From 02/07/2018 to 10/09/2018 23:59 (Barcelona time)

January 2019
to December 2019

Other beamlines: 
January 2019
to June 2019


Convocatoria 2019-I
Convocatòria 2019-I
Call for Proposals 2019-I


From 29/01/2018
to 26/02/2018 
23:59 (Barcelona time)

All beamlines except MX BL13-XALOC:
July 2018 
to December 2018

Convocatoria 2018-II
Convocatòria 2018-II
Call for Proposals 2018-II

 2018-II Call Results


From 03/07/2017
to 07/09/2017 
23:59 (Barcelona time)

January 2018
to December 2018

Other beamlines: 
January 2018
to June 2018

Convocatoria 2018-I
Convocatòria 2018-I
Call for Proposals 2018-I

 2018-I Call Results


From 01/02/2017
to 01/03/2017 
23:59 (Barcelona time)

All beamlines except MX BL13-XALOC:
July 2017 
to December 2017

Convocatoria 2017-II
Convocatòria 2017-II
Call for Proposals 2017-II

2017-II Call Results


From 04/07/2016
to 08/09/2016
23:59 (Barcelona time)

January 2017
to December 2017

Other beamlines: 
January 2017 
to June 2017


Convocatoria 2017-I
Convocatòria 2017-I
Call for Proposals 2017-I


2017-I Call Results


From 01/02/2016
to 29/02/2016
23:59 (Barcelona time)

All beamlines except MX BL13-XALOC:
July 2016 
to December 2016

Convocatoria 2016-II
Convocatòria 2016-II
Call for Proposals 2016-II

2016-II Call Results


From 30/06/2015
to 07/09/2015
23:59 GMT +1

January 2016
to December 2016

Other beamlines:
January 2016
to June 2016

Convocatoria 2016-I
Convocatòria 2016-I
Call for Proposals 2016-I

 2016-I Call Results


From 26/01/2015
to 23/02/2015
23:59 GMT +1

All beamlines except MX BL13-XALOC:
July 2015
to December 2015

Convocatoria 2015-II
Convocatòria 2015-II
Call for Proposals 2015-II

2015-II Call Results 


From 05/06/2014 
to 07/07/2014
23:59 GMT+2

January 2015
to December 2015

Other beamlines:
January 2015
to June 2015

Convocatoria 2015-I
Convocatòria 2015-I
Call for Proposals 2015-I

2015-I Call Results


From 07/10/2013
to 04/11/2013
23:59 GMT+1

April 2014 to
December 2014

Convocatoria 2014
Convocatòria 2014
Call for Proposals 2014

2014 Call Results for MISTRAL
2014 Call Results


From 17/09/2012
to 10/10/2012
23:59 GMT+1

April 2013 to
March 2014

Convocatoria 2013
Convocatòria 2013
Call for Proposals 2013

2013 Call Results
2013 Call Results Correction


From 21/11/2011
to 17/01/2012
23:59 GMT+1

May 2012 to
March 2013

Convocatoria 2012
Convocatòria 2012
Call for Proposals 2012

New proposals granted with beamtime